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Simple and intuitive interface

Boost ROI with data-driven insights

Optimize conversions & user experience (UX)

Access to private FB group

No phone or demo call needed to join

Hundreds of A/B split testing ideas w/impact scores

Insights directly from users with feedback polls

Fast & easy split test setup - no learning curve

Map user behavior w/click heat maps & screen recordings

Free & continuous updates

Simple and intuitive interface

Boost ROI with data-driven insights

Optimize conversions & user experience (UX)

Access to private FB group

No phone or demo call needed to join

Hundreds of A/B split testing ideas w/impact scores

Insights directly from users with feedback polls

Fast & easy split test setup - no learning curve

Map user behavior w/click heat maps & screen recordings

Free & continuous updates

STOP Letting Untapped Revenue Slip Through Your Fingers!

Did you know? A whopping 97 out of every 100 website visitors leave without making a purchase.

That’s 97 potential sales lost … 97 connections never made … and one glaring, missed opportunity!

After all, you’re pouring all this blood, sweat, and tears into your marketing campaigns, SEO, and ads - aimed at steering a tsunami of traffic to your website.

Yet without a well-rounded strategy for understanding and converting these visitors once they arrive … your potential customers are vanishing like smoke in the wind!

Choking your business growth, blunting your competitive edge, and causing you to miss out on thousands of dollars in would-be revenue …

Good news: it doesn’t have to be this way …

Conversion Rate Optimization: The Secret to Wringing Every Last Dollar of Revenue from Your Website

Want more earnings? It's simple: you need to convert more browsers into buyers.

That's where conversion optimization tools, like heat maps, feedback polls, session recordings, and A/B split testing come into play.

These aren't just tools; they're your lifeline to understanding your audience's deepest desires and pinpointing exactly what makes them click – literally and figuratively.

Imagine having a set of keys that opens the doors to your visitors' minds, allowing you to craft experiences that resonate, connect, and convert.

Forget guesswork and wishful thinking … with precise, data-backed strategies, you can skyrocket your conversion rates by an astounding 20-50%.

We're talking a win-win-win of happier customers, increased sales, and yes, more money for you.

But as great as all that sounds …

It gets even better, because you don't have to revamp your entire website or start from scratch to see a significant boost in profits.

In fact …

Tiny Tweaks Can Lead to Surprisingly BIG Revenue Wins!

From industry giants to niche players, businesses of all sizes are leveraging conversion optimization tools to fine-tune their websites.

And guess what? What many of them have discovered is that it’s the small stuff that often makes the biggest difference.

The color of a button, where your call-to-action sits, the words in your headline … these little tweaks can crank up your conversion rates!

Example 1


Take Google, for example … it tested 41 shades of blue to see which one earned the highest click-thru rates (CTRs).

Sounds like a minor detail but guess what?

By nailing the right shade of blue, Google pocketed an extra $200 million dollars in ad revenue each year!

Example 2

2008 Obama Campaign

But it's not just tech giants who've seen the magic of small tweaks ...

Consider the 2008 Obama campaign ...

Their digital team tested different hero images and call-to-action buttons on their splash page.

Minor adjustments, right? But get this…

The best-performing splash page boosted Obama’s campaign conversions by a staggering 40.6% … adding 2.8 million extra email signups and unlocking $60 million more in donations!

Example 3


And then there’s WallMonkeys, the world's largest printer of wall decals.

Using heat maps, they realized that the conventional "SHOP NOW" button in the center of their home page wasn't the star of the show …

Instead, their users were clicking like crazy on the search bar in the top navigation of their website.

So, WallMonkeys shifted that search bar to the center of their homepage … a seemingly insignificant tweak that skyrocketed their conversion rate by an eye-popping 550%!

That's right. Not 5%. Not 55%. But 550%!

These examples aren't just flash-in-the-pan success stories, they're proof that tiny changes can equal big revenue gains.

But let's get real here. Finding success with a single tweak?

That's great and all. But what you really need is to build a solid, growing revenue stream. And here's where things get interesting …

The Magic of Compounding Is Your Secret Sauce for Consistent Revenue Growth

Imagine this: Every week, you make a seemingly small tweak that nudges your conversion rate up by just a measly 0.5%.

Sounds like peanuts, right? But hang on, it's not as tiny as you think!

Because when you make these little adjustments week in, week out, that tiny 0.5% starts to work like magic … it grows, it compounds, it snowballs.

By the end of the year those "tiny" tweaks could boost your conversion rates by nearly 50% … so, your bottom line isn't just inching forward - it's leaping, bounding, galloping!

That's the power of consistent, deliberate, conversion optimization efforts … small tweaks, compounding over time, leading to surprisingly BIG growth in your revenue.

Exciting, right?

But before you jump headfirst into conversion rate optimization, there’s something important you need to know …

The 3 Massive Hurdles You Face With Traditional Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Software

You might be all fired up about the idea of CRO – until you come face-to-face with the traditional software on the market.

That’s when you’ll quickly discover these harsh realities:

Purchasing CRO Software Is A Huge Hassle.

Want to get started with conversion rate optimization? Traditional software doesn't make it easy. Instead of a quick online signup, you have to schedule a demo, endure a tedious back-and-forth with a salesperson, all while trying to uncover their hidden pricing.

It’s only after you're worn thin that they finally reveal how much you’ll have to fork over if you want to use their tool. It’s an exhausting, drawn-out process that’s super frustrating for anyone who doesn’t like wasting time - in other words, everyone!

Fortunately, there’s a better way …

Brace Yourself for Staggering Costs with Traditional CRO Software.

Conversion rate optimization software doesn't come cheap. You can expect to shell out recurring monthly fees that can start at a steep $150 - and escalate to a gasp-worthy 5X or 6X that amount, at upwards of $1,000/month!

For up-and-coming businesses or budget-conscious entrepreneurs, these massive fees can feel less like a strategic investment and more like highway robbery.

Traditional CRO Tools Are Overwhelmingly Complex.

Truth is, a lot of CRO platforms are stuffed to the gills with complicated features that even seasoned experts rarely touch. With so many confusing options, it seems like you need a Ph.D. in rocket science just to get started!

And launching your first split test? Prepare to sacrifice the same amount of time you'd spend watching a marathon of your favorite Netflix series! With such a steep learning curve, traditional CRO software is unbelievably daunting - especially if you’re a beginner.

Introducing Path Pulse

Your Go-To Platform for Converting Clicks Into Tangible Profits

Path Pulse

Path Pulse is a powerful new tool that makes conversion rate optimization (CRO) unbelievably easy …

Whether you’re a newcomer to the field or a seasoned expert, it doesn't matter – Path Pulse’s point-and-click simplicity can quickly turn you into an optimization pro.

Initiate, deploy, and analyze split tests with ease, freeing you to focus on strategy rather than technicalities.

Unlock the Power of Insight: Dive Deep Into Customer Behavior

Seeking more detailed insights? Path Pulse equips you with:

Revealing session recordings

Data-rich heat maps

& Interactive polls

With these tools at your disposal, you'll gather invaluable feedback directly from your audience, enabling you to craft smart, actionable strategies.

More than Metrics: Transform Visitor Insights Into Profitable Actions

Path Pulse isn’t just for gathering data … it’s finely tuned for not just understanding your visitors’ behavior, but also for helping you boost your bottom line.

No more lost customers or money left on the table …

With Path Pulse, each visitor becomes a potential conversion, and every metric serves as a stepping stone toward building a stronger, more profitable enterprise.

screen recording

Unlock the Secrets of Your Visitors: Dive into Path Pulse's Revealing Session Recordings!

Screen Recording

Say goodbye to guesswork! With Path Pulse's session recordings, unlocking your visitors' behavior is as simple as hitting 'play.'

Once you do, you'll find a goldmine of customizable options.

Filter recordings by date, device, country, duration, traffic source, or even specific goals like the checkout process … it's all designed to give you the exact insights you crave.

Just imagine watching a video that showcases exactly how your visitors interact with your site, so you can:

Spot Drop-Off Points: Identify exactly where users are abandoning your site or checkout process. Is there a confusing button or a tedious form? Now you can know and fix it!

Enhance Customer Experience: Witness firsthand how users interact with your site. Are they struggling to find something? Adjust your layout or navigation to make their journey seamless and satisfying.

Discover Bugs and Device Issues: Are there glitches hampering the mobile experience? Or perhaps a browser-specific hiccup? Spot these technical troubles early, saving time and preserving user trust.

Tailor Your Content: What are users really interested in? Watch their journey and tailor your content to meet their needs and wants. It’s like reading their minds, but without the crystal ball!

Think of session recordings as a window into your users' minds … whether it's fixing a pesky problem or crafting a perfectly personalized pathway, Path Pulse empowers you to make informed, impactful decisions.

The result? A more engaged audience, creating new opportunities for a healthier bottom line!

feedback polls

Speak Directly to Your Visitors' Desires: Unleash Path Pulse’s Feedback Polls for Laser-Targeted Insights!

Feedback Polls

Ever wondered what your visitors are REALLY thinking? Path Pulse's Feedback Polls put you right in the conversation.

No more guesswork, no more missed opportunities - just straight-up honest feedback that has the potential to significantly impact your conversion rates.

With Path Pulse’s Feedback Polls, you can tap into a wealth of opportunities:

Product Development: Discover what additions or changes would make your products irresistible. Are your customers craving organic ingredients in your skincare line? Wanting more adventure in your travel packages? Path Pulse's Feedback Polls can help you craft products that fly off the shelves.

Improve User Experience: Pinpoint where users get stuck on your site. Is your checkout process confusing? Do they wish for more payment options? By identifying these roadblocks, you can create a seamless experience that keeps them coming back for more.

Increase Customer Satisfaction: Understand what makes your customers feel special. Do they love personalized recommendations? Would they appreciate a loyalty program? Connecting with their desires can turn occasional shoppers into devoted fans.

Here’s the cherry on top: You can easily tailor Feedback Polls to ensure they fit into your overall conversion strategy by: selecting which pages to display the poll on, asking as many questions as you want, and even choosing to display the poll always or just until they respond.

Path Pulse's Feedback Polls are like having a direct chat with your audience, only easier, smarter, and way more fun … which is why they can be the perfect game-changer for cranking up your conversions.

heat maps

Decoding Every Click: Discover the Power of Path Pulse’s Heat Maps

Heat Maps

Ready to decode your audience's behavior with precision? Enter the realm of Path Pulse’s Click Heat Maps, where every click tells a story and can turn missed opportunities into conversion gold!

Imagine being able to see exactly where your visitors are clicking on your site, so you can:

Spot the Hot Zones: Identify your website click-magnets, whether it's that sizzling headline or that killer image. Then, use that info to strategically place your most important call-to-action buttons or offers where they're guaranteed to get noticed!

Find the Cold Spots: Identified an important button or link that's gathering virtual dust? Use this intel to relocate it or jazz up its design, turning those neglected areas into irresistible click-bait.

Get Device-Specific Insights: Not all clicks are created equal. See how desktop, mobile, and tablet users interact differently with your site. Use these insights to optimize the layout or button size for each device, making sure you're enhancing engagement for every type of user.

Bottom line?

Path Pulse’s Click Heat Maps go beyond surface-level metrics, delivering a comprehensive view of untapped opportunities … so you can make data-driven decisions that boost your conversion rates and enrich the user experience!

idea lab

The Split Test Idea Lab: Your No-Guesswork Guide to Conversion Goldmines

idea lab

Not sure what to split test? Say hello to the Path Pulse Idea Lab.

Imagine an all-you-can-eat buffet of marketing strategies - that's our Idea Lab, serving up hundreds of proven split testing ideas for:

Landing Pages

eCommerce Websites

Checkout Pages

Facebook Ads


Video Sales Letters

AdWords Ads

& More!

Each split testing idea comes with an Impact Score, letting you gauge the potential impact on your conversions … so even if you're new to optimizing, you can make informed decisions right from the get-go!

But the Path Pulse Idea Lab isn’t just user-friendly and easy-to-navigate … it’s also an interactive hub.

With only a couple clicks, you can do more than just choose a compelling idea - you can actually fire up a live A/B Split Test right then and there!

Sound effortlessly simple? You’re right, it is ;)

Path Pulse Plays Well With Others: Enjoy Seamless Compatibility Across All Website Platforms

Click Funnels
Google Tag Manager

And ANY OTHER website builder you can think of!

Welcome to the Path Pulse Tribe: Share, Learn, and Grow with a Community of Forward-Thinking Entrepreneurs

When you jump on board with Path Pulse, you're getting more than just a powerful CRO tool - you're stepping into our circle, joining the Path Pulse Tribe.

This isn't your average online community - it's a private Facebook group full of inquisitive minds and dynamic thinkers.

A hub where like-minded entrepreneurs and conversion enthusiasts come together to exchange insights, seek advice, and draw inspiration from the successes of others in the group.

But, the real magic? The Path Pulse Tribe is an open, warm, and welcoming space where we share our stories, turning individual experiences into collective wisdom.

And around this campfire, there's always room for one more, so welcome aboard!

FREE Software Updates!

We’re continuously updating Path Pulse with bigger and better features

We work extremely hard to release regular updates with brand-new features that we come up with, as well as requests we get from our growing Path Pulse community. Unlike others who rarely update their software, we typically release 1 big software update every single week with something new and cool. And you’ll get every update, absolutely free of charge!

So, Go Ahead And Get Path Pulse Today!

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Path Pulse

30-Day, No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee

We're so confident you'll love Path Pulse that you’re backed by a full 30-day money back guarantee. Try Path Pulse for yourself and see how simple it is to optimize your conversions. If for any reason you're not completely satisfied within the first 30 days, just email [email protected] for a full refund, no questions asked.


While we can't predict the future, we can share some compelling data. According to a comprehensive study by VentureBeat, which surveyed 3,000 marketers, the average ROI for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) tools stands at an impressive 223%. Even more astounding, a subset of those marketers experienced ROI exceeding 1,000%.

Given that Path Pulse offers competitive pricing without compromising on features, there's a likelihood that you could see an ROI that’s not just robust, but potentially even market-leading.

Not at all! Whether it's split testing, screen recordings, feedback polls, or click heat maps, Path Pulse is designed to be user-friendly. For most features, a one-time placement of a simple snippet of code on your website is all you need. And don't worry—if the thought of 'code' makes you nervous, we've got step-by-step video tutorials to guide you. Plus, our customer support team is always ready to help you out should you need assistance.

You've got the freedom to run as many split tests as you want, each month. No caps, no limitations. As for the number of monthly visitors you can test, that varies depending on the plan you choose. So, you can tailor your experience to fit your specific needs and optimize away!

No, Path Pulse is a browser-based product, so no installation is required. Simply log in to access all of its tools and features.

Yes, Path Pulse works on Macs and PCs.